I would like to take this opportunity to mention a word or two about how satisfied I am with the services offered by Eco Pest. The efficiency, the friendly manner and speedy response, no matter what you pest problem might be. I’ve had everything incl. Snakes, termite infestation, spiders and too many different types of crawling insects and bugs. All gone and with my 1 hr monthly spray treatment, all pests are kept at bay leaving my home pest free.What is also a great relief, is all treatments and products are pet friendly, so no harm can come to your loved pets. Eco Pest are so hands on and nothing is too much trouble, the result guaranteeing you a solution to your pest problem. Believe me when I say to you there are many different types of unwanted pests living on tropical Samui, therefore I highly recommend at the least, the free call out consultation to determine what kind of pest problems may potentially exist and what best solution is necessary for you the individual.Thanks again for all your help.

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