We are delighted at Zazen to work with EcoPest team which has been recommended by a friend who was himself very satisfied with their performance in his private villa. Our main aim was to become greener but still to control the amount of mosquitoes in the property. We have discovered a few advantages working with Eco Pest. The first one and most important being that we can see more animals in the gardens like different kind of birds, squirrels, snails, butterflies and other animals after just a few weeks. We are happy to work in this greener environment and to discover these fast results which can be seen by our guests also. The other advantages are receiving weekly reports of the situation in the resort after treatment and adjusting the solution to the weather of the treatment day. The flexibility of the schedule of Eco Pest’s team which can be adjusted to the occupancy of the resort is also a great advantage for the resort. The amount of noise created is also to be considered. EcoPest’s material is professional and creates much less smoke and noise nuisance for our guests and staff.

And last but not least is the green and non toxic solution being used which is not dangerous for our guests as well as for our employees to breathe. So yes, just the few points out of many other makes us feel like we did the good choice of following the recommendation of our friend by welcoming EcoPest at Zazen Boutique Resort & Spa.

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